Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How to Create a PayPal account step by step with images

Learn how to create an PayPal account:

Now a days almost everyone transacts money online. The world is digitizing day by day. Every business is going online. So in today's world a PayPal account is very essential for international and local transaction. PayPal is also very highly secure for Transaction. Whether you are an YouTuber or a blogger you must have an paypal account. You can also  do shopping and other online e-commerce transaction using paypal.

So below i am going to show you how to create and verify your PayPal account-

To create PayPal account you must have photo of PAN card as Identity proof ,Aadhar card / Driving Licence / etc as Address proof  and A running bank account.   

1. Visit Paypal.com

2. Click on Sign Up For Free.

3. Select the type of account you want to create and click Next.

4. Enter your Email and new password then click Continue.

5. Fill up the form Business type, Business Category, Business Subcategory, Purpose Code will be automatically generated, PAN number and Business URL (optional) then click Next.

6. Fill up your Address, Primary currency and click Next.

 7. Click Notifications logo and Click  To receive local and international  payments.

8. Click on identity proof and upload the required document's and verification ID's and verify them one by one.

9.  Next on Adding of Bank Account, write your Account Number and IFSC code, Click review and Submit.

P.S- PayPal will send two small amount of money to your bank account. All you have to do is open your bank account and check the two amount sent to you and then enter the same on paypal, and your Bank account will be verified.

In this way you can easily create your PayPal account and verify it.

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