Saturday, July 21, 2018

How to download and install uTorrent in PC or Android phone

Torrent file cannot be downloaded through your normal browser to download any torrent files you need a third party App like BitTorrent,uTorrent etc. In this blog we will learn how to download any file through uTorrent and downloading and installation of uTorrent. Keep in mind that using of uTorrent is not illegal but downloading of pirated file is illegal. 

Download and Installation of uTorrent in mobile:
 In case of  mobile you can install it directly from Play Store.

Download and Installation of uTorrent in PC

Download of uTorrent in PC

* Visit this site
* Click download uTorrent Web 

After clicking the button it will automatically start downloading.

Installation of uTorrent in PC

* Double click  the downloaded file 
* Click Next 

* Click Next 

* Click Next 

* Click Finish

In this way you can download uTorrent in your Device.

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