Friday, July 20, 2018

How to transfer files between Mobile and PC with WI-FI

Send any file from Mobile to PC or PC to Mobile without any cable:

Transfer any file from Mobile to PC or from PC to Mobile without any cable. In the internet there are lot of app available which can do this. But in this blog we will learn sending any file from mobile to PC or PC to mobile with the help of feem app. This app is very simple in use and fast in sharing.

Downloading of the app (Feem) for PC

1. Visit this link
2. Click download button

3. According to your device click the button Feem for android or Feem For Windows Desktop etc

 After clicking the button it will automatically start downloading .

Installation of feem for mobile

Search for Feem in Play Store And install the app

Installation of Feem for PC

1. Extract  the downloaded file
2. Double click the Feem File

3. Select language and click ok

 4. Mark the point if you want to create a file in desktop and click next

5. And click Installtion

In this way one can install feem in your PC

Sending Any file through Feem  

1. Connect Wi-Fi and open the app in both device 
2. Click the avater of the device whome you want to send the file 

2. Click the send button

3. Select the file which file you want to send and click  Open

In this way one can easily send any file from Mobile to PC or PC to mobile without cable  

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